Reminiscing leading into spring

It is that time when the excitement of what Summer brings is in the back of ones mind. For me it is memories of when I used to motorbike and helping on the allotment with my wife Julia. When I think of having a motorcycle it is very different to how I used to feel. Now I would not get one and the only time I’d ride one would be around a track, definitely not on the road. Even when I last rode a bike it became too dangerous. I had an Yamaha R1 that was fast, too fast. It is true that bikes or vehicles are only as fast as the rider or driver but some machines are created for speed. The bike I owned was insane. The last two summers I simply did not ride it. In fact it simply just stayed in the garage. That is not great as someone else could have had the pleasure of riding it. Now my whole philosophy has changed and I only think of sustainable forms of transport, motorbikes do not factor in the future. They are better than ICE cars but only slightly. Even sport is not the same for me. I used to watch Moto GP and Superbikes. Lonenzo and Valentino Rossi were great to watch. I suppose I may watch one or two but for me the future is Formula e. This new sport is incredible. It is pure electric racing with the emphasis on sustainable transport. I will cover this in more detail on a later blog post. In the meantime I said goodbye to my Yamaha knowing it is the last petrol bike I will ever buy.

Last photographs of my R1
Cockpit with LCD that used to increase in speed very rapidly!

I also missed being in the allotment with the sun blazing and the great views this winter. To help I have bought a little heater but winter can bite hard in Nidderdale and being hardy is the rule of the day. The main issue is the short hours. After work there is no time to go and spend quality time at the allotment. When Julia and I do go it is usually only for a few hours which is enough for a few jobs to be done but that is it. Now the days are getting  Longer it is time to spend more time there. Julia has planned what will be planted and hopefully I will get to build a fence using my hands and nothing but a chainsaw. Sounds like magic!!

Beautiful to look at and crisp and healthy to work on
Winter frost at the allotment
One of Julia’s 2016 hauls
Tasty, bring on summer 2017
Look at how happy it makes Julia! It makes me happy too!
Not Worzel Gummidge but Diggery the Nidderdale scarecrow. Does that make Julia the crowlady though?
What a lovely evening. Stank of smoke after but worth it
Let’s finish on the best reason to grow your own
Summer and the allotment in full growth
Ahhhhhh, please can summer come quick. Look at all Julia’s work paying off

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