Late night and we have feline demands

Maine Coone cats are large, too big really. I have just been out as the car was not linking with the app to inform of its charge status today. I decided to pull the fuse on the telematics as I have done in the past. It seems to have solved the dilemma. It is annoying, especially due to the problem meant I lost the car to the service department for weeks. This is more or less as soon as I bought the car. A new unit was brought in from France and the car was brought back. The customer services were very good as they gave some bonuses due to the inconvenience. I now expect it of new tech. To enhance then problems need to be ironed out and that is never easy when looking to the future.

Well I came in after pulling this fuse and was immediately followed by Hubble cat. Food was his main demand. I was making a tea and gave him a small amount. How can one resist a big hairy face like that.

Hubble is demanding

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