Electric cars and a step closer to sustainability

Picking up an electric vehicle

Quite a number of different experiences have occurred since the last time I wrote a blog post. The main, and to me most important, was transferring over to a electric vehicle. It was a big decision as it would cost more for me to purchase and keep one than it would an equivalent ICE car. ICE is a definition that has become prevalent due to the number of electric vehicles on the roads increasing. ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine while EV is electric vehicle. This new terminology is important to the community of EV owners in order to communicate through charging station apps. Though apps like ZAP MAP and PLUGSHARE one can find out where the nearest station is and they can be used to see the charger state or if an ICE car is blocking the chargers or not. ICE cars can be a real pain when they park in EV bays. At the moment it is not against the law but it is anti social and the internet is used to name and shame. The EV community is very strong now. 

Leeds charger
Time to charge
While shopping why not charge
I must admit I will never go back to ICE now. EV’s are miles ahead in comfort and serene driving pleasure. The clean nature of the transport is the reason I needed to have one eventually. I bought mine back in June 2016. It was a rainy day but the start of a bright new beginning. It all sounds very mystic but that is because, as the Nissan Leaf advert says, there are those who think it and those that actually do it. I certainly am not one to lecture and will never do that. A persons consciousness plays a part in the moral choices one must make in order to help clean the invisible air that is killing millions. As time goes on the battery density will mean longer distances. Even after a few months of ownership Renault announced that the new Zoe has double the range. It is constant development that will make make lives better. Children born now must be given that opportunity to have a clean planet with sustainable methods of living. It is also the most fun as the torque is instant.

Here in Harrogate we do not have any chargers. We are lucky that York has a good number and Leeds is starting to install them. Personally I’ve used a number in the area and find that they are getting better. The only issue is that the way one pays is so varied as to be quite confusing to start. This will get much better as the infrastructure progresses. I have a charger installed at home. This is a 7kw slow charger but is good enough for what is needed. I can also see how much is used online as the charger communicates with Chargemaster.

Yep, electric cars are here to stay. They certainly are with me!

Trying a courtesy Renault out, larger wheels = less mileage!
A Tesla Model X for a new owner is Leeds
Great POD points in York, simple and effective

Charging at home with a Chargemaster 7kw socket. Superb

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