Michelin EV tyre surprise

I don’t want this compact blog to be overly critical but sometimes it may seem so. In this instance it certainly deserves the feeling I have regarding what occured.

Take a look at the photograph. This is an expensive and specialist Michelin tyre. Why is it specialist? Electric vehicles benefit from less rolling resistance and compounds that are supposed to reduce noise. I have two Renault Zoe EVs and have always used the recommended tyres. This is because Michelin is French too and the industry partners worked together to create the ‘perfect’ companion tyre.

When I took it to the dealer recently due to noise. It is my wife’s EV and I drove it after not doing so for months. It is at this point I noticed the terrible handling. When the technician, I very much trust his opinion, went through the videoed health check it came as a shock. A piece had come out of the tyre. BTW it is the rear passenger side. Seemingly a known issue, this is one of the worse that they had seen. What shocked me was how it was down to the binding. I chose a cheaper tyre, I lost confidence with the specific tyre!

We shall see what transpires with this cheap pair.

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