Harrogate gets its first electric car charge stations

I am very proud to say that my home town of Harrogate has installed the first 3 charge stations for electric vehicles (EV). This is a mayor step in the right direction. I spoke with one of the council members, Thomas Horner, who is associated with the plans. Mr Horner did say that from February 2018 a charging model will be chosen and areas around the town will be picked for the charge points. One great advantage, and one it is rare to see, is the fact the payment method is via bank card. This is what all points should really be. Apps are very good, but only if you have the modern enough phone and if connection is not cut off to the network. Standing in the rain with a mobile phone trying to get the car charging is not fun. Mr Horner explained that bank transactions take more administrative input on the council side but that will be worth it for the visitors it will attract and the that EV adoption is gathering pace.

All three charging standards are in operation rapid AC type 2, DC chadamo and DC CCS

The charging stations will be £3.50 for 30 mins. Now, the pay for time model is not really the best for all EVs at the moment. Mine, and the another I have ordered, are both 22kw charging. This means the pay per KW is the best method. It is one adopted by most companies. It is both fair and creates more interest. The reason certain cars are not as rapid charging is the price and way the car will be used. Most charges are at home on 7KW chargers and it is this area of charge zone that the cars are most efficient in. I am still glad that Harrogate Council have installed the wonderful chargers and it may take time to perfect the correct model, as it did with Ecotricity. I have used them this Christmas 2017 as they are free until January 2018. The Harrogate Civic Centre even has a restaurant so, together with the decent walk into town, they are perfectly placed. The parking spaces are even under cover. Well done Harrogate.

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