Christmas is here

Christmas starts to raise its festive head. As is usual, I have a cold, come sore throat. It is my Birthday today and I have the day off. The problem is that I’ve had to stay in to try get rid of this throat. I have recently purchased a device I vowed never to have in the house. I now eat my words. My work colleague, and somebody I very much respect, showed me images of a game named Star Wars Battlefront 2. Now that alone was like a magnet to my pure Doctor Who/Star Wars fan head. The second impression aimed like a bullet to my geek head. It was the fact that the system itself is 4K HDR and would match what I have already.

Well I bought the game and machine together and now love it. I am by no means an expert in these things but I like it and have played in numerous times. It has, and still is, confusing to my newbie personage but I am enjoying figuring it all out. The quality is incredible and is like playing a film. I never thought I would be stating such opinions. Just unheard of. I am now won over!

The game system showing its Star Wars credentials

Now where are we regarding Christmas. Well Julia and I have been to York. Julia, as usual is more organised on the shopping front then me. At the moment the house is looking different, maybe contemporary?, on the decoration front. We got the decorations down this last weekend. Julia has made a great ‘tree’

USB energy efficient lights on a modernist tree

I have decorated Pinhead in what can be described as cenobite festive pleasures!

Pinhead looking happy with Christmas. Careful or he will tear your soul apart (and I don’t mean you’re shoes!)

I will update this blog more often as i would like to use it as my jotting diary.

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