Formula e is the future

I will write a more detailed post when I have more time but this is just to say the yesterday’s Formula e race in Mexico was great. It is proof that sustainable living can be exciting. Racing an electric can has the added benefit of energy management and as the winner Lucas Di Grassi states, it was mentally tiring too. I have to say that I love the sport. As l’ve mentioned before, it has overtaking (mind the pun) Moto GP for my only motorsport treat. Moto GP and Superbikes hold great affection but the future has to be looked at very seriously. Development is constant with electric motorsport and Renault already has a larger capacity battery due to pushing boundaries with Formula e. I have never watched the bore that is Formula 1, although I get the attraction. No for me a path to a brighter future lays in true exciting, visible development. It is here now.

See here for a 4 minute recap of the Formula e Mexico Race

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